The Gene Alpert Inauguration Program 2021: What’s Next in American Leadership 2021?

January 11-21, 2021

2021 Presidential Inauguration Program!

A new era in American politics and international relations is presenting the U.S. with profound challenges to established approaches to education, business, journalism, politics, diplomacy and even science. This program brings together leading journalists, analysts, diplomats, professionals, and educators to examine the significance of the times and to explore what is new, what is ephemeral, and what is lasting. Informed speakers, visits to Washington institutions, and diverse student participation will make this a unique experiential learning opportunity for tomorrow's leaders.

The Osgood Center for International Studies invites your institution to participate in an academic seminar that past participants have said has transformed their views of our nation’s most important issues, inspired them to follow in the footsteps of leaders they admire, and dedicate themselves to an action-oriented future in society. The diverse program appeals to students in all major fields and all college levels from freshmen to recent graduates, including honors students.

Program Components

While this conference is on Zoom, you will have amble opportunity to meet other students, interact with experienced and award-willing experts, and explore the issues that confront the US in Education, Health Policy, Race Relations, and International Affairs.

Program Schedule

The daily schedule will present expert speakers who will inform and challenge you. Meet legendary New York Times journalist Stephen Roberts, Professor Peniel Joseph who has recently published a book on Malcom X and Martin Luther King, ambassadors, professors and practitioners who will outline “what’s next” in their respective fields. Participants will also get insights into further training in D.C. and careers in public service.

Deadlines & Payments

Reservations (via email) from institutions and individuals will be accepted until spaces are filled. Deadline for applications is December 6, but registrations may still be accepted if space is available. The program fee is $300.For information regarding the Alpert Scholarship, contact

Payment in full is required by December 11, 2021 unless other arrangements are made.

The Osgood Center Difference

Dr. Shelton Williams, President of the Osgood Center has been leading academic seminar programs since the 1980s. The current staff has years of experience in DC-based programs and a year’s worth of making Zoom events lively. The Osgood Center’s contacts and familiarity with procedures and protocols serve as an invaluable resource for those attending this program and help ensure that Washington’s resources become fully accessible to those with diverse interests.

About the Osgood Center

The Osgood Center is a non-profit educational organization that offers short-term experiential learning programs for college students in the U.S. and around the globe.

At the Osgood Center, our mission is to advance understanding of public affairs and contemporary international and domestic issues. We positively affect the lives of our participants and prepare them to be better global citizens through quality educational experiences that emphasize short-term active engagement and experiential learning programs such as academic seminars and internships. Our vision is a generation of young people who strive to understand public policy issues and work to find creative solutions to global problems.

We are known for the personal attention we provide our program participants and for the customized instructional model that we utilize to help them achieve their academic and career goals. We welcome college students and recent graduates in all major fields.

For more information and to make reservations, contact us at:

Shelton L. Williams, Ph.D.
The Osgood Center for International Studies
1629 K St, NW, Suite 300
Washington, DC, 20006
Phone: 202-349-1698, X11698